Add & Invite New Members

Add & Invite New Members

Efficiently growing your team is pivotal to scaling your business operations. Our guide on “Adding a New Team Member in WarrantyHub” provides a straightforward process to incorporate new staff into your system. It ensures they receive the appropriate access and tools from day one, facilitating a seamless integration into your company’s workflow and culture.

  1. If you haven't setup Member Access Groups yet, you'll need to create them first.  Learn more
  2. When you add a new member, they will automatically receive an invite. It's recommended that if you are just getting started, that you hold off on add your team members until they have been notified by the administrators on your account.

Add New member

  1. Go to Settings, select Team.
  2. Select Add Member.
  3. A form will appear where you can enter the new member’s details:
    1. Role: Select the role from the dropdown menu that best fits the new member’s position.
    2. Full Name: Enter the full name of the new team member.
    3. Email: Provide the email address of the new member. This will be used for their account login and notifications.
    4. Phone: Input the phone number of the new team member.
  4. The system will generate a random password, which will be emailed to the new team member. Ensure that the email address entered is correct, as they will need this password to log in.
  5. Save to add the new member to your team.
  6. The new member will receive an email invitation to join your WarrantyHub account, including instructions on how to set their password.
  7. Inform the new member to check their email for the invitation and to follow the instructions to set up their profile.

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